PELLUCID literally means “ Extremely Clear and Shiny”. Packed with the goodness of advanced ingredients, PELLUCID is the most effective skincare solution that helps to offer clear and glowing skin -Effortlessly and Flawlessly.


At, PELLUCID, we constantly push the boundaries to become an ideal and ever-lasting part of the skincare routine. When it comes to delivering the best, our highly skilled team always stays ahead in the game. Together we crafted an innovative and revolutionary solution to tackle all skin-related issues. Our serums are a powerful blend of the finest quality ingredients including Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin E, and many others which is no less than an extraordinary formula.

The products contain a significant and curated concentration of each ingredient, making it safe and effective to use for all skin types without any side effects. Whatever the skin’s concern, PELLUCID has serum for every concern. It is packed with numerous benefits including skin lightening, inhibiting liquid peroxidation, accelerating healing, and minimizing wrinkle appearance.

Our Promise

PELLUCID is not just a serum, it’s the ultimate path to healthy and youthful skin. We are glad to announce that our serums are also prescribed by dermatologists to enhance overall skin health. If you are also looking for a company that can provide safe serums to your customers and help you experience profitable growth, PELLUCID will be glad to welcome you as our partner!


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