ILIXIR is similar to “Elixir” which literally means “A Magical Solution”. Formulated with world-class & precise ingredients, ILIXIR is a one-stop serum that is designed to provide exceptional care for the under-eye. 


According to the dermatologists, the skin around the eye is thin and fragile. Under-eye skin is more sensitive and demands curated care than the rest of the skin. ILIXIR under-eye serum is equipped with powerful international composition in careful amounts, making it safe and healthy to apply for all skin types. 

This magical solution contains Melanostatine - 5 which helps to reduce the pigmentation, lightens the skin tone, and ensures radiant skin. The serum also contains Tyrostat which effectively blocks melanin production and lightens the dark spots without the risk of any side effects. The next and most unique ingredient is B-White which is renowned for minimizing the tyrosinase activity and ensuring an even-tone skin. 

Our Promise

ILIXIR serums are clinically proven and trusted by professionals to tighten and rejuvenate the under-eye skin. Our product is cruelty-free and does not contain paraben or any other harsh chemical, making it suitable for every skin type and gender. By joining our team, you can trust that you are providing your customers with an under-eye serum that is safe, effective, and committed to quality.


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