Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India

Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India

Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India  - Looking for the finest quality cosmetic products in India? Look no further. We are here to put an end mark to your search. Cosmetic products play a pivotal role in enhancing natural beauty and appearance. However, finding top-quality cosmetic and derma products can be a challenging deal. In this blog, we will explore the top wholesale cosmetics distributors in India that supply top-quality cosmetic products at competitive prices. More to come!

Explain the distribution channel of cosmetics in India - 

There are many distribution channels regarding cosmetics available in the market.

Let’s discuss some of them. 

  1. Online Sales - It is one of the most preferred choices for new businesses, as it allows easy access to branded products. This involves generating sales through branded websites which requires management of inventory and supply chain Moreover, You can create your e-commerce site to develop your identity and focus on what makes your brand strong. Other platforms include Amazon or a Stock clearance site. 
  2. Physical Sales - This involves 100% in-store sales. Known as “brick and mortar” sales, unlike online sales, this type allows trying out the products and talking to the shopkeeper. This channel allows the customer to familiarise themselves with the brand and to ask the shopkeeper all their queries.
  3. Click & Mortar - This is a combined version of both online and physical sales. This channel allows you to discover products in the shop. If satisfied with the experience, you can buy the same product back online.

Introduction To SKYA Transdermic - The Leading Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India 

In a short and challenging period, SKYA Transdermic has successfully won the hearts of uncountable customers. We are a noteworthy Cosmetic Company in India that is exceptionally popular for supplying international quality skin care, hair care, and eye care products at cost-effective prices. Our all products contain a precise composition that performs effectively on the skin and hair and offers visible results in days.

Cosmetics Distributors in India

Derma products are our business, but we always prioritize customer health and safety which makes us one of the most reliable Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India. We supply our high -quality at various locations in India. Moreover, we also offer remarkable franchise opportunities with exciting deals and essential business rights. We have a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who will guide you on how to run a successful derma product business. We assure you that with low investment, you will get incredible ROIs by becoming a partner of our dynamic team at SKYA.

If you are curious to know more about our company’s exceptional services, including derma products and business opportunities, then feel free to reach out to us by dialing 8989700037 or dropping your queries at the email- skyatransdermic@gmail.com

Booming Demand for Cosmetic Products in India

In a country like India, which celebrates vibrant culture and diversities, cosmetic and derma products play a crucial role in enhancing natural beauty. The practice of hair and skin care to achieve the dream beauty goals has been followed from the ancient period with natural remedies. Nowadays, Indian skin and hair care practices are just more than “ Turmeric face pack” and “Coconut oil massage”. 

Indians also start utilizing cosmetic and derma products to treat skin and hair-related problems effectively and safely. Furthermore, the constantly rising air pollution in India. That’s also the other reason behind the rising demand for derma and cosmetic products to protect skin and hair from harmful pollutants. 

As per the report given by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian cosmetic product market size is projected at USD 1.35 billion in the year 2023. And it is estimated to reach USD 2.27 Billion in the next four years which is 2028 with a CAGR ( Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.91% during the forecast period ( 2023-2028).

The above-mentioned data is proof that the demand for cosmetic products is steadily growing in India. If the business aspirant or other individuals will invest their money in this sector, then it will be a smart decision to earn remarkable ROIs.

Why Choose SKYA Transdermic - The Most Reliable Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India  

Welcome to SKYA Transdermic - Amplify Your Cosmetic Journey with Our Premium Quality Products 

If this industry is an “ Empire”, then SKYA Transdermic is a “ King” of this empire. Operating in Chandigarh (The City Beautiful), SKYA Transdermic is a New Zealand-based B2B company that is widely popular for providing skin care, hair care, and eye care products that adhere to international quality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart from the other firm. 

Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India

We work Pan India but Right now our major distribution location are MumbaiDelhi, and Bangalore

Here are more answers to the above question

High-End Products at Low Prices

In the complex world of dermatology, our mission is simple, yet unique. That is to fulfill the beauty aspirations of every person without breaking the bank.

Thanks To Our Team

We, SKYA Trandermic, are nothing without our team. Our team has experienced and skilled professionals who always pay attention to the details while manufacturing and supplying the Dermatologists' Recommended Products, ensuring visible and brilliant outcomes.

Cutting Edge Ingredients

#Our skincare products are designed with top-notch international compositions including Bicowhite, Beta-White, Melanostatine, and Tyrostat, providing healthy and radiant skin. 

#Our hair care products are equipped with Redensyl, Procapil, Capilia Longa, etc, which help to treat all hair-related problems including dry hair, hair fall, dandruff, etc, and give gorgeous and healthy hair.

Classic Packaging 

Get International quality dermatology products in all forms, including creams, soaps, serums, oils, face wash, etc, with packaging that coordinates with International standards.

International Approach 

We take pride in announcing that not only in India, but we also have a strong international presence. We export more than 20 products to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. 

Clinically Tested Products 

From skincare to eye care, all our products are paraben-free and cruelty-free. Our products are clinically tested by our expert team before we supply them to our customers, making us the most prominent Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India  

Recommended Products by Medical Professionals 

From doctors to dermatologists, we have been trusted and recommended all over the country for supplying unmatched-quality products to treat skin and hair-related concerns.

Amazing Franchise Opportunites

In India, the derma industry is booming. So, if you are planning to invest your money in this landscape, then SKYA Transdermic is glad to welcome you! By partnering with us, we can provide the finest quality derma products to your customers at cost-effective prices. 

Exciting Perks For Becoming a Partner of Us 

  • Premium Quality Products.
  • Monopoly Rights
  • Marketing Support
  • Humble Investment
  • Incredible ROIs
  • Profitable Growth
  • No additional pressure
  • Fair Prices

So, come and join the team SKYA Transdermic to set a new definition of a successful derma business.

If you are curious to know more about our company and our products, feel free to contact us. Below are the contact details

Contact Details

Phone Number: 8989700037

Email ID: skyatransdermic@gmail.com

Registered Address: Plot No 72 Ind Area Phase 2 Chandigarh 160002

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India  

Q1: Is it profitable to invest in cosmetic business in India?

Ans: Yes, As per the report, the Indian cosmetic product market size is projected at USD 1.35 billion in the year 2023. And it is estimated to reach USD 2.27 Billion in 2028. So, if you will invest your money in this sector, then it will be a smart decision to earn remarkable ROIs.

Q2: Does SKYA provide franchises for the derma businesses in India?

Ans: Yes, we, at, SKYA Transdermic, also offer remarkable franchise opportunities with amazing deals and essential business rights at various locations in India.

Q3: Are your derma products safe for all skin and hair types?

Ans: Yes, all our international quality derma products are paraben-free, equipped with careful composition, and inspected by our expert team, which makes them safe for all skin and hair types.

Q4: Which company is the top Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India?

Ans: If you are seeking the leading Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors in India, then SKYA Transdermic is that name. We are a noteworthy company that is exceptionally renowned for supplying international quality skin care, hair care, and eye care products at competitive prices.

Q5: Is it important to obtain a license to sell cosmetics in India?

Answer 5. Yes, it is necessary to obtain a cosmetic license to run your business lawfully. Having a license ensures that all cosmetic manufacturers and distributors meet the quality requirements for their products before it reaches the end users

Q6: What is the process of starting your cosmetic brand?

Answer 6. Carefully follow the steps given below to start your own cosmetics brand.

  • Research and identify your target market
  • Obtain all the Necessary Licenses and registration 
  • Find a good Supplier
  • Prepare and implement a Business Plan
  • Test your product in the market 
  •  Make an effective marketing and promotional  strategy
  • Start your cosmetics business venture 

Q7: How to find a good Cosmetic distributor for my product in India?

Answer 7. A good cosmetic distributor can help to increase your market reach and brand visibility. So, make sure to consider the following factors while choosing a cosmetics distributor. 

  • The distributor should have a good reputation in the market 
  • The range of products offered by the distributor should match the manufacturer's need
  • The distributor should offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality

Q8: How to distribute cosmetics products in India?

Answer 8. To distribute your product in the market, you need to follow the mentioned process. 

  • Register your business and obtain a GST number.
  • Choose the product list you want to handle.
  • Build a powerful profile by adding things such as your location, work experience, Funds Sources, Vehicle, owned Premises, and labor capital. 
  • Pitch your company
  • Create a huge network by contacting different retailers, wholesalers, consumers, etc
  • Select a spacious warehouse 
  • Make business strategies 
  • Create your credit policy like paying in advance