EILONI stands for ‘Deeply Independent” and “Dynamic”. With its exceptional capability to deal with several skin-related concerns “Independently”, EILONI offers wonderful outcomes without any harmful effects. It is not just a Lotion, it’s a multi-benefit prescription that is trusted by professionals and loved by skincare enthusiasts.


EILONI’s innovative and creative approach truly makes a difference in this landscape. With time, numerous evolutions have taken place in the skincare industry. But EILONI's mission always remained the same since we started our journey which is to deliver qualitative and actual skincare solutions. EILONI is an advanced formula that provides safe and visible results to the skin. Our ultimate lotion is equipped with international quality ingredients in a precise concentration ensuring a reliable treatment for all skin types. 

EILONI LOTION contains CALAMINE (8%) which has anti-bacterial properties that help to offer relief from itching and skin irritation. It also contains significant properties of Aloe vera extract which is rich in various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It helps to boost skin cell reproduction, minimize redness, and offer healthy and moisturized skin.

Our Promise

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality sets us apart. So, when you choose EILONI for your customers, you are not just choosing a skin care product, you are choosing a reliable treatment, quality, and EILONI’s excellence. 


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